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Smart environments for person-centered sustainable work and well-being

The project provides a paradigm shift in human machine interaction, building upon seven strategic technology trends, IoT, Machine learning, micro-moments, temporal reasoning, recommender systems, data analytics and gamification to deliver a composite system integrated with the daily activities at work and outside, to support employers and ageing employees to jointly increase well-being, wellness at work and productivity. The manifold contribution focuses on the support of the employment and later retirement of older adults from work and the optimization of the workforce management. The sustAGE platform guides workers on work-related tasks, recommends personalized cognitive and physical training activities with emphasis on game and social aspects, delivers warnings regarding occupational risks and cares for their proper positioning in work tasks that will maximize team performance.

By combining a broad range of the innovation chain activities namely, technology R&D, demonstration, prototyping, pilots, and extensive validation, the project aims to explore how health and safety at work, continuous training and proper workforce management can prolongue older workers’ competitiveness at work. The deployment of the proposed technologies in two critical industrial sectors and their extensive evaluation will lead to a ground-breaking contribution that will improve the performance and quality of life at work and beyond for many ageing adult workers.

This project is supported by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 Program.

AEGIS, as a consulting and software development company with extensive expertise in supporting the design, analysis and integration of mobile applications and data analytics, will lead WP5 sustAGE ICT ecosystem architecture and integration. AEGIS will also be responsible for the implementation of the recommendation engine and employ its extensive experience in the area to guide the integration of existing modules in sustAGE.