Month: January 2019

AEGIS at the1st I-BiDaaS Info Day

AEGIS at the1st I-BiDaaS Info Day

I-BiDaaS Info Day – Workshop on Big Data Analytics

As a member of the I-BiDaaS cnsortium, AEGIS was present at the 1st I-BiDaaS Info Day in Novi Sad, Serbia.

The event titled “I-BiDaaS Info Day – Workshop on Big Data Analytics” took place on January 22, 2019 under the coordination of the Faculty of Sciences of University of Novi Sad, Dusan Jakovetic, the I-BiDaaS Technical Coordinator, and Ilija Šuša, Co-founder of Content Insights LLC.

The list of participants included a regional community of industry experts in data science and big data analysis, as well as a local network of industries interested in using big data and self-service analytics in their business. 34 people from 14 different organizations (12 industry companies and 2 academic organisations) participated in total.

During the workshop, I-BiDaaS experts presented the overview of the project, the architecture with its core technologies, the experimental real-life use cases from three different large industries and also demonstrated the corresponding Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

The event successfully raised awareness about the I-BiDaaS project, creating a community interested in the results of the project and exploring possibilities for the future cooperation.

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