Month: March 2019

AEGIS at the Plenary Meeting of I-BiDaaS in Haifa

AEGIS at the Plenary Meeting of I-BiDaaS in Haifa

5 - 6 March 2019

As a member of the I-BiDaaS consortium, AEGIS participated at the 1st I-BiDaaS Plenary Meeting in Haifa, Israel.

The plenary meeting of I-BiDaaS took place at the IBM research center in Haifa, Israel. Marking the closure of month 14 of the project, the plenary meeting lasted for 2 days, 5 & 6 of March 2019. AEGIS was represented by Dr. Ilias Spais and Leonida Kallipolitis.

The participants had a chance to review the project’s progress as well as the I-BiDaaS MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and its impact upon release. Discussions focused mainly on technical aspects for the release of the first full prototype while action points were set for handling the data sets with respect to Big Data management practices.

During the workshop, I-BiDaaS experts presented the overview of the project, the architecture with its core technologies, the experimental real-life use cases from three different large industries and also demonstrated the corresponding Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

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