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Who We Are

AEGIS IT RESEARCH GmbH is a R&D company based in Germany developing and managing innovative IT solutions for numerous business sectors.

The company is consisted of a highly effective professional team of talented researchers and top-class IT experts from all over the world.

AEGIS team empowers the company with a strong, diverse skillset that helps AEGIS offer innovative products and high-tech business solutions to the market.

What We Offer

Our tools and projects define who we are and what we offer. AEGIS provides cutting-edge software technology as end-to-end solution both for private and public sector. In addition, our team experts contribute to the advisory services the company offers. AEGIS products & services include:

  1. Forensics digital investigation and security-related situational awareness for the decision makers.
  2. Physical forensics services, that support a post-mortem digital forensics investigation for IT and non-IT cybersecurity experts, including but not limited to basic forensics activities like forensics analysis of physical assets/objects, and complementary ones like consultation, and training.
  3. Cyber forensics services, empowered with correlation algorithms and innovative capabilities.
  4. A collection of forensics services (e.g. Preconfigured views and Timeline analysis), that are based on AEGIS backend framework empowered with correlation algorithms.
  5. Visualization and monitoring tools and services for both historical and real-time Big Data analytics.
  6. A Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), toolkit that is based on open source frameworks.
  7. Consulting services, (e.g. penetration testing, design and implementation of secure network solutions, etc.)

How Do We Stand Out

AEGIS’s areas of expertise include cloud-based enterprise applications, secure and privacy preserving systems, recommender systems, adaptive Big Data management systems and all the lifecycle of IT systems (design, development, deployment, optimization and maintenance).

The reason AEGIS stands out from the competition has to do more that the company’s excellences and expertise. AEGIS stands out due to its focus on the end user (the individual, the industry, the public sector etc.). Cutting-edge software technology has no meaning no matter how innovative it may be unless it has value for the end-user providing him with a solution to a problem.

Our Objectives

provide the seeds for world class Computer Science research.

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