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A Dynamic and Self-Organized Artificial Swarm Intelligence Solution for Security and Privacy Threats in Healthcare ICT Infrastructures

AI4HEALTHSEC proposes a state of the art solution that improves the detection and analysis of cyber-attacks and threats on HCIIs, and increases the knowledge on the current cyber security and privacy risks. Additionally, AI4HEALTHSEC builds risk awareness, within the digital Healthcare ecosystem and among the involved Health operators, to enhance their insight into their Healthcare ICT infrastructures and provides them with capability to react in case of security and privacy breaches. Last but not least AI4HEALTHSEC fosters the exchange of reliable and trusted incident-related information, among ICT systems and entities composing the HCIIs without revealing sensitive corporate details.

This project is supported by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 Program.

AEGIS Forensics Visualization Toolkit (FVT) will provide AI4HEALTHSEC project with an extensible platform for forensics investigations (detection and analysis), risk awareness and visualization of digital evidence. We believe that the emerging market of Forensics Analysis enhanced by Big Data technologies will, by necessity, depend heavily on novel forensics methods and visualization techniques such as those provided by our toolkit. These methods are able to correlate physical and cyber digital evidence and increase situation awareness into healthcare ICT infrastructures.

AEGIS will lead the system architecture definition (T2.4) and will contribute to the privacy, situational awareness and incident handling specifications (T3.4, T4.1 and T4.3). It will also lead the development of the Individualized Autonomous Networking Layer (T5.1) and assist in the development of incident-handling and attack simulation systems (T5.4 and T5.5). AEGIS will also contribute to integration activities in WP7 and will be responsible for the security and privacy evaluation (T7.4). It will finally lead T8.4 on market analysis and business planning and contribute to dissemination activities of the project.

AI4HEALTHSEC project will help AEGIS refine and target its product to companies, organizations and institutions (Health Care Information Infrastructures) that are dealing with extremely sensitive physical and cyber private data like those in the Health domain.