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Cyber security 4.0: protecting the Industrial Internet Of Things

Recent trends in industrial technology and the adaptation of Industrial Internet of Things (ΙIοΤ), has emerged by the convergence of Operations Technology (i.e., traditional hardware and software systems) & Information Technology (i.e., advanced computing, data aggregation/analysis, and ubiquitous communication systems).

IIoT has great potential to enable significant advances in optimizing operations among large number of increasingly autonomous control systems and devices and can have a profound impact on many industry domains, where smart factories and logistics are among most notable cases. However, a major barrier towards IIoT adoption lies in cybersecurity issues that makes it extremely difficult to harness its full potential: IIoT systems dramatically increase the attack surface (introducing new security threats due to newly connected devices and protocols, making them more vulnerable to interference), the disruption of process controls, the theft of intellectual property, the loss of corporate data, and the industrial espionage.

C4IIoT will build and demonstrate a novel and unified IIoT cybersecurity framework for malicious and anomalous behavior anticipation, detection, mitigation, and end-user informing. The framework provides a holistic and disruptive security-enabling solution for minimizing attack surfaces in IIoT systems, by exploiting i) emerging security software and hardware protection mechanisms; ii) state of the art machine and deep learning and privacy-aware analytics; iii) novel encrypted network flow analysis; iv) secure-by-design IIoT device fabrication; and v) blockchain technologies, to provide a viable scheme for enabling security and accountability, preserving privacy, enabling reliability and assuring trustworthiness within IIoT applications. The C4IIoT framework will be demonstrated and validated on two carefully selected use cases in real world environments, namely Enabling security IIoT in i) Inbound Logistics and ii) a Smart Factory


The AEGIS advanced forensics visualization toolkit provides C4IIOT with an extensible platform for data transformation and visualization. We believe that the emerging market of Forensics Analysis based on Big Data technologies will, by necessity, depend heavily on novel visualization techniques such as those provided by our visualization toolkit.

AEGIS is targeting a market that it is positioned in the interaction of three main domains, namely Advanced Visualizations for Big Data Analytics, Network and Information Security (Cyber Security), and Protection of Cis and Cyber-physical IoT systems. The C4IIOT project will help AEGIS refine and target its visualization products to companies and organizations that manipulate Forensics Security Data.