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A secure Healthcare Environment for Informatics Resilience

Based on the most recent ENISA report at the end of 2018, cybersecurity incidents have shown that the healthcare sector is one of the most vulnerable. The vision of HEIR is to provide a thorough threat identification and cybersecurity knowledge base system addressing both local (in the hospital / medical centre) and global (including different stakeholders) levels, that comprises real-time threat hunting services, facilitated by advanced machine learning technologies; sensitive data trustworthiness sharing, facilitated by the HEIR privacy aware framework; Innovative Benchmarking based on the calculation of the Risk Assessment of Medical Applications (RAMA) score, that will measure the security status of every medical device and provide thorough vulnerability assessment of hospitals and medical centres; the delivery of an Observatory for the Security of Electronic Medical Devices. HEIR will set up a broad European network consisting of global cybersecurity, analytics and IT specialists together with top healthcare professionals for establishing good security practice in all regulatory frameworks to reduce market access.

This project is supported by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 Program.


AEGIS will bring in the Interactive Forensics module within the frame of HEIR project. Provision of this tool will help in meeting the goals of the HEIR project and open the way for the commercialization of a real-time forensicsā€™ visualization product. AEGIS will lead the WP4 coordinating the activities related to the design and the implementation of the HEIR observatory and the delivery of the 2nd layer of visualization of the HEIR system. Meanwhile will participate in various activities foreseen within WP1; WP2; WP3.