AEGIS Advanced Visualization Toolkit

Advanced Visualization Toolkit (AVT)

An extensible visualization software with a wide application scope

AEGIS has designed and implemented the AEGIS Advanced Visualization Toolkit that is an extensible software with a wide application scope, ranging from Digital Forensic Analysis to Big Data analytics.

The AEGIS visualisation toolkit provides an extensible platform for data visualization and transformation. It is a versatile solution that can use different visualization techniques to cover the needs of IT experts as well as non-It literate users. Via its intuitive monitoring dashboards, configurable visual representations and collaboration features, the toolkit serves as an advanced system that can support easy exploration and insight gaining from big volumes of multidimensional data.

The Innovation Aspects of AVT

Two innovative aspects of the AEGIS IT RESEARCH Visualization Toolkit (AVT) are:

  • the ability to “travel back in time” and compare the current situation with similar events that occurred in the past. This allows the new data to be compared against patterns encountered before. In this way, malcreatants may be identified from their MO, but also for response strategies to be selected based on past knowledge of successful and unsuccessful outcomes;
  • the ability to adapt the display of information based on previously encountered situations. For example, if the analyst has created a specific “view” consisting of multiple data sources and presentation modes (e.g. specific relationships to group and associate data items) to deal with a specific incident in the past, this view can be saved and reused, either manually or automatically, to present data associated with a new case, or an incident that is currently playing out.

Combined, these two aspects of AVT, allow the analyst to quickly gain a solid understanding of an event and benefit from existing knowledge stored in the repository. Information may be automatically presented in a way that enhances situational awareness and allows the analyst to concentrate on the analysis rather than the configuration of the visualization system. In addition the need for technical support at the end-user level is minimized which can be particularly beneficial in forward deployments.


This demo video of the AEGIS Advanced Visualisation Toolkit highlights the multi-purpose dashboards, timeline inspection of data and preconfigured views which are the key innovative features of the tool.