AEGIS Advanced Visualization Toolkit

Advanced Visualization Toolkit (AVT)

An extensible visualization software with a wide application scope

AEGIS has designed and implemented the AEGIS Advanced Visualization Toolkit (AVT ), an extensible software with a wide application scope, ranging from Digital Forensic Analysis to Big Data analytics.

AEGIS Advanced Visualization Toolkit, has already been operated for digital forensics analysis and investigations (Forensics Visualization Toolkit – FVT), and Big Data advanced visualizations.

Specifically, AEGIS Advanced Visualization Toolkit was used in the Forensic Tools Against Illegal Use of the Internet project and has been expanded to support forensic analysis of security incidents on critical infrastructure in the CIPSEC project. AVT is also being adapted to support the visualization of Big Data analytics in the context of I-BiDaaS project, which is offering a complete and Industrial-Driven Big Data as a Self-Service Solution.

Finally, AVT toolkit will be utilized in sustAGE project to visualize ageing adult workers’ activity and status data, reduce the cognitive load on the decision makers and enable them to get hidden insights, thus facilitating the decision-making process of assigning tasks and managing workforce in general in Manufacturing and Logistics industrial domains.


AEGIS Advanced Visualization Toolkit has been utilized in a variety of large scale IT projects