AEGIS Digital Forensic Service


AEGIS Forensic Service is a complete service to help investigators analyse cyber security events and understand their cause.

Forensics Visualisation Toolkit (FVT)

Interconnected and easy to use interface that allows seamless exploration and drilling down in underlying data.

Correlation Mechanism

Identify patterns and relationships between events and actions taking place in your infrastructure.

Real Time Log analysis

Easy connection to a number of logs found in your system and visualisation of the key points.


Use our set of agents to actively monitor critical assets and analyse current system status.

Threat Hunting

Detect threats and proactively isolate them and prevent incidents in your network.


The forensics toolkit comes with connectors to existing SIEM and HIDS/NIDS software.


Read about the major steps required to have a working real-time forensic toolkit deployed.

1. Network Topology

Identification of current infrastructure and configuration of the tools accordingly

2. Identification of CIPIs

Company Infrastructure Performance Indicators (CIPIs) must be identified and monitored

3. Deployment of Forencic Agents

CIPIs are collected by relevant agents installed on the monitored systems


4. Deployment & Configuration of the Forensics Visualization Toolkit (FVT)

Required middleware and communication configuration.

5. Connection with existing systems

SIEM and HIDS/NIDS software can provide input to the forensic toolkit.

6. Visualisation installation and testing

The Visualisation application can be installed locally or in the cloud.