AEGIS Forensics Visualization Toolkit

Forensics Visualization Toolkit (FVT)

A versatile solution for digital forensics investigations

The AEGIS forensics visualisation toolkit (FVT) provides an extensible platform for data visualization and transformation. It is a versatile solution that can use different visualization techniques to cover the needs of IT experts as well as non-It literate users. It can support easy exploration and insight gaining from big volumes of multidimensional data.

In more detail, FVT fosters cyber forensics and analysis of digital evidence. It helps operators to gain situational awareness and react fast in cases of security breaches as well as discover potential threats. It also acts as Network performance monitoring and diagnostic tool to provide a quick overview of an internal network’s status and allow operators to monitor network performance and flowing traffic. 

FVT innovations include the following:

AEGIS Forensics Visualisation Toolkit Capabilities

FVT offers a solution that can handle large number of heterogeneous events and provide intuitive visualisations for IT and non-IT experts that reveal hidden relationships and insights.

Timeline inspection and preconfigured views based on past similar states of the monitored system are the key innovative features of the tool.

FVT has been deployed and assessed in real-life Critical Infrastructure domains offering near real-time and post-mortem forensic analysis.

The video gallery here presents some demonstrations of the FVT capabilities.