AEGIS Host of sustAGE Athens Technical Meeting

AEGIS Host of sustAGE Athens Technical Meeting

October 14-15, 2019


AEGIS hosted the sustAGE Technical Meeting that took place in Athens on October 14 & 15, 2019.

Participants had the opportunity to thoroughly explore the parameters related to the design and development of the project’s MVP. AEGIS is in charge of the sustAGE MVP delivery processes.

The sustAGE MVP is scheduled for release in December 2019.

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Prof. Vassilis Prevelakis Keynote Speaker at a ESORICS 2019 workshop

Prof. Vassilis Prevelakis Keynote Speaker at a ESORICS 2019 workshop

September 26th, 2019 in Lyxembourg City


Prof. Vassilis Prevelakis invited as a Keynote Speaker for the IOSEC/MSTEC/FINSEC workshop

As part of the activities of the 24th edition of the European Symposium on Computer Security Research (ESORICS2019), AEGIS Director of Research, Prof Vassilis Prevelakis was invited as one of the Keynote Speakers of the IOSEC/MSTEC/FINSEC workshop about “Cybersecurity for the protection of critical infrastructures”.

Security for Financial Critical Infrastructures and ServicesInformation & Operational Technology Security SystemsSimulation and Training Environments for Cybersecurity workshop took place on September 26, 2019 in the Diekirch room of Parc Alvisse Hotel on the outskirts of Luxembourg city, and was one of the ESORICS 2019 activities.

Introduction of AEGIS Forensics Visualization Toolkit (FVT)

As the keynote speaker of the IOSEC-MSTEC-FINSEC workshop, Prof. Vasillis Prevelakis had the chance to introduce to the audience AEGIS Digital Forensics Service focusing on AEGIS Forensics Visualization Toolkit (FVT).

AEGIS FVT is a complete toolkit that aims to help investigators analyze security and privacy related incidents and react fast in cases of security breaches and threats. Such an advanced environment is presented in an easy to use and understandable way to the end users so as to help them embrace the offered features and understand the benefits of using such an ecosystem by removing the complexity of the underlying technologies. Therefore, the interface elements follow an intuitive and flexible design that can be adjusted to any device and allow the end users manage the monitoring of their industrial infrastructure, inspect the incidents that might occur and view generated statistics and insights. The securely and privacy-preserving stored data, analytics results, and user transactions are presented by advanced visualisations that can foster real-time threat hunting processes (empowered by correlation algorithms for almost real-time mitigation of security incidents) and post-mortem digital forensics investigations (including physical security-like incidents).

"Friend or Foe? Incident Characterization Techniques"

Prof. Prevelakis' Presentation available for download in .pdf format

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AEGIS at the ICT 2019

AEGIS at the ICT 2019

19-20 september in Helsinki


ICT Proposers Day 2019 in a glance

The Digital Excellence Forum/ICT Proposers Day 2019 took place in 19-20 September in Helsinki.

The event focused on the future of investment in Digital Policies and an open dialogue on the Digital Europe Programme.

Discussion on the main policy drivers of the digital transformation of European industry and society focused on several topics such as AI, cybersecurity, blockchain, open data, cloud services, digitizing cultural heritage, digital innovation hubs and more.

Watch The ICT Proposers Day 2019 Highlights

AEGIS activities at the event

AEGIS was present at the event as part of the company’s networking activities.

Dr. Ilias Spais had the opportunity to demonstrate AEGIS Solutions portfolio, which includes Digital Forensic Service and AEGIS Advanced Visualization Toolkit, to a variety of future partners and clients.

Additionally, AEGIS members that attended the event had a chance to disseminate the company’s projects and more specifically I-BiDaaS and sustAGE.

Watch The ICT Proposers Day 2019 Day 1

Watch The ICT Proposers Day 2019 Day 2

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